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Kaylan went directly from high school to Los Medanos College where she studied Child Development and Behavioral Sciences. She figured since she liked her babysitting gigs as a high schooler, she’d like working with children. Kaylan did just that for four years, working at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery as a facility manager. Over time, she realized it wasn’t what she really wanted so she transferred to Cal State East Bay, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. She came to Opportunity Junction and joined the Road Map team shortly after graduating.

Kaylan’s recent college experiences mean she’s ready to help you navigate Los Medanos, which might seem overwhelming until someone shows you the way. Says Kaylan, “I can’t wait to help you realize you can follow your dreams, and I’ll be right there alongside you.”

Kaylan, who grew up in Pittsburg, is an animal lover with seven cats and dreams to have pot belly pigs. When she’s not at home playing with the kitties, you’ll find her at Disneyland which is her happiest place on earth.