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Have a disability or had an IEP/504 plan in high school.
Pregnant or parenting.
Sometimes need to skip meals to make ends meet.
Current foster youth or have been in the foster care system before.
Have been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or currently have unresolved legal issues.
Have been terminated from a job.
Have a history of substance abuse.
Transportation to school or work is a challenge.
Currently dealing with or have dealt with domestic violence.
Temporarily living with a friend, in your car, or not sure where you are going to live long-term.
I am a member of a under-represented group in higher edutype='checkbox' cation.
Past trauma or significant emotional distress.
Lacking work experience or skills to reach employment goals.
None of these apply to me.

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Opportunity Junction website
College To Road Map website
Friend or family member
My high school counselor or teacher
Los Medanos College staff member
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)
Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)
Uplift Family Services

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